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V67 to U87 Conversion               $300.00
MXL 2001 to U87 Conversion:   $300.00
Vienna / Hamburg Conversion      $450.00 (ADK TT capsule included) 
MXL V67g                                 $100.00

The MXL V67g Mod
(MXL 2001) 
The V67 is a great platform to mod because the front end of this mic is a copy of the Neumann U87. I conduted extensive tests on this microphone and found some very nice mods for this mic that improve the sound of this microphone. I finally decided that I wanted to see if I could get the sound of this mic close to the sound of the Neumann U87 microphone.
I removed the 2SA1015 circuit and the 2SK170bl and replaced the 2SK170bl with a higher gain Fet that is connonly used in a modded U87 microphone.
This Fet has about 7 to 8 db more gain and works well with the MXL V67 circuit. The circuit is then modded to act like the U87. The capacitors are Wima for the film caps, Sanyo electrolytics and Polystyrene capacitors. A zner diode is added to stabilize the voltage.
The stock capsule is very similar to the K87 capsule and responds the same way to the filtering that is in the U87 circuit. The result is a mic that is very close in sound to the U87.

The Vienna / Hamburg conversion
The Vienna / Hamburg mod takes already good mics to the next level. The Vienna and Hamburg share the same circuit as the V67g. ADK uses better components and mechanical build in these microphones than the MXL counterparts. This microphone circuit is changed to resemble the U87 circuit. The nice thing about these mics is that they have an 18db cut switch that I use as a Cardioid / Omni switch.
I install a dual membrane capsule to get the two polar patterns.
 Options for the conversions:
All prices for options are installed 
The transformer option for these microphones. We use a high end  Jensen transformer  that has the same ratio as the V67g. The Jensen transformer is of superior quality. The transformer adds transparency and headroom. The bass and mids become tighter and the overall sonic quality is improved.
Jensen transformer:    $125.00
The Vienna and Hamburg  conversion comes with an ADK TT capsule. This can be upgraded to a Neumann K67 capsule. The V67 and 2001 can be upgraded to a ADK Hamburg capsule. Both the ADK TT and Hamburg capsules are smooth and less hyped than the stock capsule MXL capsule.
ADK Hamburg capsule upgrade   $100.00
Neumann K67 capsule upgrade: Market price 
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