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   The Schnauzer is a dual diaghram 9 pattern microphone that
combines the Old School circuits with modern transformers.
The Schnauzer is housed in a MXL9000 body and sports an
ADK TT capsule, Cinemag transformer, GE NOS 6072A tube,
and high quality capacitors. The circuit is an incarnation of the
Telefunken ElaM251.
   This mic sounds full and balanced. The highs are smooth and
silky, The mids are clean detailed and crisp. The bass is full
and firm.The TT capsule works very well with this combination
 and has none of the harsh highs found in some microphones.
Several options are available for this microphone that can custom
tune this microphone to fit your needs.

 Schnauzer Paint Options
The standard paint is a custom hammered finish with logo. The Schnauzer can also be custom painted  and clear coated.

Schnauzer Transformer Options
  • AMI T14/1
  • Jensen

Schnauzer Capsule Options
  • CT12
  • ADK Custom Shop
  • Beeznees
  • Thiersch M7
  • Peluso CEK12
  • Neumann 

Base Price: $670.00
Add to base price
Custom Paint with Clear Coat $70.00
Ami T14/1 $130.00
Jensen Transformer $80.00
CT Capsule Call for price
ADK Custom Shop Capsule Call for price
Beeznees Custom Capsule Call for price
Thiersch M7 PVC or Mylar Call for price
Peluso CEK 12 $200.00
Neumann Call for price

Standard Features
ADK TT Capsule with 9 pattern modded power supply
High Quality Cinemag Transformer
Brass Grill mod
Custom hammered paint with custom logo
NOS GE 6072A Vacuum Tube


The Schnauzer microphone is crafted from a MXL 9000 body. Some parts are removed from the circuit board and the circuit board is cleaned.
All of the wire is removed and the wiring is replaced with Mil. Spec.Teflon coated/Silver coated copper stranded wire.
The JJ Audio Mod 
The Schnauzer

The stock capsule and transformer are removed and replaced.
The grill is removed and the housing is polished. A new brass screen is then installed.
Dutch The Dog
The circuit is installed tested and burnt in for three days.
The power supply is rebuilt with high quality capacitors and all voltages are tuned for the mic.