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New News:

Feel free to contact us for more information about our  capsules and mods. 

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MXL 550/551 Mod Special for 2012: 
You can purchase the MXL 550/551R pack for $80 at many online retailers. We are offering the popular Transformerless FET mod (as performed on the Studio Projects C1) on both microphones as a package for $300. You can hear the mod on a larger diaphragm condenser like the 550 here:
You can hear how the C1 mod sounds on the small diaphragm condenser like the 551/991/603s here:
If you would like to buy the modded microphones directly through us the total price for the mics and mods is $380, plus return shipping. 
Here is a link to the 550/551R pack  at Markertek:
You simply order the mics from the online retailer and have them shipped to our mic lab, along with a paypal for the mods which is $300 if you buy the mics on your separately.
You can email us for our shipping address when you are ready to buy your mics and start your modification process.
For those seeking a good capsule upgrade over the stock MXL 550, we offer ADK Hamburg capsules for an additional $100. These capsules are an excellent budget friendly upgrade to present the end user with more bass, smoother mids and a tamer top end than most stock Chinese capsules.
The turn around time on the modded 550/551 pack is 5 to 6 weeks upon receipt of the microphones into our mic lab.
If you own a Stellar CM6 or a CM5 we have developed a series of mods to offer some sonic improvements, including an upgraded transformer and high end capsules.
The Husky is already on its way to cult status, it is our personal take on the U47 obsession. It utilizes the K47 capsule, a Tab Funkenwerk T47 and a NOS EF95. American M7s are available upon request as well as Thiersch STW7. 
A few pages (DMP3, Husky and Pro VLA mod) are under construction, but they will be up shortly! Please feel free to email us regarding the DMP3, Husky and Pro VLA mod.

The pricing page lists all the prices for our mods.
Recording artist Paula DeAnda (formerly of J Records) recently shot a new music video and the JJ Audio Akita was the featured video mic as well as the microphone used to record her vocals! As well she will be recording with this mic on some of her new material! Pictures and videos to come soon from Baby Bash and Paula DeAnda! The Akita continues to make its hands into the recording industry's premier artists. Before you know it the next hit song on the radio you hear, might be featuring a JJ Audio Mic!
We are now offering Samar Audio transformer upgrades for our Oktava MK319 modification program. The transformers retail for $109 and can be folded into the standard MK319 modification we perform! Please contact langston@jjaudiomic.com for more information!
Old News:
Ronnie Spector's new Christmas CD is out and its a hit! She was recently on David Letterman performing "Light One Candle." Congrats to Bobby Eli and Matt Weiss for a job well done!  
Multi platinum hip hop artist Baby Bash's album Hurricane features the JJ Audio Akita on vocals!  

Reggaeton Star John Eric La Roca Osorio, recently recorded vocals with a JJ Audio Daisy (U67 inspired) and he came away completely sold on JJ Audio Mics, USA!

The Goonies, which features our own Langston Masingale, is wrapping up their new album "Too," which features JJ Audio Mics on vocals, instrument recording and even a JJ Audio modded Pro VLA on mixing duties! More to come as the album is ready for release!